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Your Hearing Specialists (Part 2)

conn_4928WEB_-_CopySpecialized Hearing Care consists of six important steps, which when properly applied, can lead to more successful communication, increased self-confidence and improved quality of life.  These include patient history, hearing evaluation/testing, consultation/selection, fitting/programming, verification and follow-up care.  Face to face interaction with our patients is crucial to ensure that each phase of care is effective and beneficial.  Certain measurements and programming must be done while the hearing instruments are being worn and linked into the fitting computer (ie. critical gain measurements to prevent acoustic feedback, indicator levels, etc.).  Of everything that we do during the hearing care process, we feel that the follow-up phase is perhaps the single most important, and it is ongoing.

Follow-up care involves further counsel and occasional programming, testing and verification to ensure the best results for the long term.  Also, education should be the cornerstone of this stage of care.  Aural rehabilitation programs, communication skills training and the delivery of updated information to the patient can help to maximize one’s communicative development.  If it has been a year or more since your last hearing evaluation or programming session, please schedule some time to improve your quality of life through specialized hearing care.