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Tips for Challenging Environments

Sassi-People-Diningchris-blog-picIf you are a hearing aid user, you realize that some listening environments can be extremely difficult in which to hear and understand speech.  These usually would include loud restaurants, parties and larger group events.  If you have newer, more advanced hearing instruments, they often will work automatically to help in these situations.  However, many automatic systems will still allow you to change programs or memories in order to reduce even more background noise and help you to focus on the voice in front of you.  Here are a few tips that should be helpful the next time you find yourself in a crowded, noisy place.

Try to sit in the corner of a room or against the wall, away from the center of the noise, with your back toward the noise.  Then, if you need to, switch to your noise program (if available).  This should change to a set directional microphone mode with additional noise reduction, allowing the noise behind you to decrease more, while focusing on the voice in front of you.  In addition, if you have a volume control or remote control with volume function, you can still turn your hearing aids up or down if necessary, for potentially greater improvement.