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Speaking of Batteries…

chris-blog-picbatteriesToday I want to address the topic of hearing aid batteries. There are four sizes of hearing aid batteries available, and the smaller the aid, the smaller the battery.  The largest battery, size 675, is used in larger BTE (behind-the-ear) devices, and the smaller sizes, 13, 312 and 10, are for smaller BTE and custom-fit hearing aids.  Battery life will typically be anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks, depending on size, power and daily use.  Also, for hearing instruments that use Bluetooth streaming, battery life can be significantly less.

Several hearing systems are now rechargeable, eliminating the need for routine battery replacement. The Siemens rechargeable devices use either a size 13 or 312 battery which requires a 5 to 6 hour daily charge and provides up to 18 hours of daily use.  Each rechargeable cell lasts for approximately 400 charging cycles or around one year.  Also, if the patient forgets to charge the battery, a standard battery can be used instead, with no interruption in service.  Furthermore, the Siemens charger is also a dehumidifying system, helping to keep your hearing aids performing at optimal levels.

Remember to always keep extra batteries on hand, especially when travelling, etc.  Our standard hearing aid batteries are $3.00 per pack of four or $25.00 for a carton of 40 batteries.  Stop by our office or order by phone and we will ship them to you for added convenience.