iStock_000011227322MediumWhen you choose a hearing care plan at Conn Hearing, you will receive SoundCare, our lifetime service program.  SoundCare is designed to give you maximum value and peace of mind for life, by including access to many free services and opportunities.

Office Visits
Our patients are entitled to unlimited free office visits.  Please phone for an appointment.

Hearing Instrument Cleaning and Checkups
Deep cleaning and checkups for your hearing instruments to ensure ultimate performance.

Hearing Instrument Programming and Adjustments
Your hearing instruments can be programmed or adjusted for optimal sound quality or to account for changes in your hearing over time.

Verification Tests
From time to time, it may be necessary to perform certain tests to confirm that your hearing system is properly tuned to match your audiometric targets.

Video Otoscopy
Regular inspection of the ear canals is central to your hearing success.  And with our video system, you can see exactly what we see.

Hearing Screenings
We suggest annual hearing screenings to determine whether your hearing is stable or changing.

Hearing Instrument and Earmold Loaner Service
If you should have to be without a hearing instrument or earmold due to repair, remake, loss, etc., we will provide temporary replacements to make sure you have the least possible interruption in service.

Whenever you feel that you need additional instruction, counseling or advice concerning your hearing, just ask.  We will schedule time to answer all of your questions and make the appropriate recommendations when necessary.

Knowledge Network Access
We have access to an extensive network of specialists, and so do you.  This includes hearing instrument specialists, audiologists, technology representatives, technical support representatives and more.  Our staff combines decades of experience, continuing education and ongoing technology training.  We regularly draw from these sources in order to provide you with the most updated, relevant information and effective care.

Hearing Technology Demonstrations
Hearing technology is ever-advancing and improving, and you can hear for yourself.  To find out if you might benefit from these improvements, please call us to schedule a demonstration.

Compatibility Assistance With Audio Devices
In order to ensure the best results from your hearing instruments, integration with other audio devices is important.  We will work with you to help make sure your equipment (phones, TV, etc.) is compatible with your hearing system.

Referrals To Other Providers
Occasionally, you may need additional services outside our facilities.  We will refer you to ENT physicians and other specialists when necessary and will schedule the appointments for you at your request.

Warranty Reminders
You will receive a reminder postcard from our office approximately one month prior to the end of your warranty.  You should then schedule a warranty-check appointment so we can determine if your hearing instruments need any additional factory service.

Educational Services
Keeping you well-informed is a top priority.  We have several ways to provide you with learning opportunities.  These include our newsletter, website and open houses at our facilities.  Also, we offer DVD courses for improved communication.

Referral System Rewards
When you refer a new patient to us, you are eligible for various rewards, such as a carton of batteries or a gift card.  We greatly appreciate your trust and allowing us to care for you and your loved ones.

Promotional Opportunities
As our valued patient, you will periodically have special access to new hearing technology, product trials and promotional credits toward hearing care.

Technology Representative
Would you like to see our manufacturer's representative for a programming session or to find out more about the latest breakthroughs in hearing technology?  Contact us, and we will coordinate this for you.

Relocation Help
Moving out of the area?  We will find the nearest hearing care provider to your new location, give you a contact card and with your permission, transfer your patient information.

We hope you will enjoy all of your SoundCare benefits, and we thank you for choosing Conn Hearing.