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Signia Pure Primax

chris-blog-picExperience the all-new Signia Pure Primax hearing system from Siemens!  I will outline some of the features here.  Its automatic SpeechMaster function elevates the speaker of interest above other voices.  Narrow directionality and noise reduction are also engaged so that voices and other sounds outside of your focus are reduced, making it easier for you to understand what matters.  Pure's EchoShield program reduces the reverberation for better sound quality and greater listening comfort.  When outdoors, the SpeechMaster function engages the eWindScreen binaural to reduce the wind noise, focusing on the direction of the voices you're listening to.

Other great features of Signia Pure Primax include Tinnitus Therapy, HD Music program and the new TwinPhone feature that transmits the caller's voice to both ears for better understanding.  Pure is also rechargeable, Bluetooth compatible via easyTek, and works with the touchControl App!  For the one system that does it all, ask us about Signia Pure Primax from Siemens!