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Side Effects of Hearing Loss?

chris-blog-picth_2We all know someone who has difficulty hearing and understanding.  For many individuals, this difficulty is something that they try to ignore for as long as possible.  However, there can be more potential risks in doing this than one might realize. 

Of course there are the obvious instances such as responding incorrectly to the server at your favorite restaurant, but there could also be much more serious issues to consider.  Untreated hearing loss has caused many people to withdraw from social activities and eventually to become isolated from friends and family, which can even lead to depression.  In the workplace, an individual might be overlooked for a raise or promotion because of poor communication skills related to his or her hearing loss.  Furthermore, recent studies have linked untreated hearing loss with a variety of health problems including hypertension and Alzheimer's Disease.

If you are experiencing any degree of hearing loss, please schedule a hearing test.  You could greatly improve your quality of life through better hearing and understanding.