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Share the Sound

chris-blog-picFacebook-20141128-043007As we enter the Holiday Season, it is good to reflect on our   blessings.  Also, maybe we can reach out to someone in need.  Hearing is a precious gift that many have lost, some suddenly or over several years.  Hearing is a vital bridge to effective communication, self-confidence and improved quality of life.  Our Share the Sound initiative works to bring better hearing to those who are unable to access care.

Share the Sound coordinates hearing care between the patient and the participating organization.  We will help those in need with the necessary steps to acquire their hearing instruments and then provide the appropriate follow-up attention to ensure their highest level of success.

Another aspect of Share the Sound involves hearing instrument donation programs.  These donations help to make possible the distribution of hearing instruments on a worldwide scale.  If you have any hearing instruments that you no longer need, regardless of the condition, please consider this mission.  Working together, we can help to eliminate untreated hearing loss and improve lives through better hearing and understanding and more fulfilling communication.  We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed Holiday Season!  Thanks for your support!

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