Hearing Instruments

We offer high quality, advanced digital and programmable hearing instruments from most manufacturers to accommodate even the most demanding lifestyles and listening situations.  We are a Siemens Hearing Instruments Advanced Partner.  Siemens is a global leader in hearing technology, including waterproof, rechargeable, Tinnitus therapy and Bluetooth hearing systems.  Our hearing instruments are available in most sizes and styles, including the nearly invisible 'Open Fit' and IIC (invisible-in-the-canal) devices.

BTE/Open Fit

Behind-the-Ear hearing instruments can be nearly invisible, especially in the 'Open Fit' configuration.  This helps the user to avoid occlusion (that 'stopped-up' feeling), which can occur while wearing a hearing device.  Also, Open Fit BTEs are so extremely lightweight and comfortable, people often forget they are wearing them.




In-the-Ear hearing instruments are custom fit to the ear.  ITEs can cover a wide range of hearing losses and have more space to accommodate extra features, such as directional microphone systems, telephone options and a larger battery for extended battery life.




In-the-Canal hearing instruments are about half the size of ITEs.  These are more discreet and can be an excellent choice for many.




Completely-in-the-Canal and Invisible-in-the-Canal hearing instruments are typically the smallest and deepest fitting of all the styles.  These are nearly invisible and usually work well with telephone use.  Also, wind noise is usually reduced.  Some CICs can be fit with large vents allowing for an 'open fit' experience without wearing a device behind the ear.

There are several factors that help determine which style is right for you, including degree of hearing loss, ear size and lifestyle considerations.  If you need more information, please let us help.