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Revisiting Hearing Technology

chris-blog-picSassi-People-DiningOn a daily basis, I speak with individuals who say they have tried hearing aids years ago but found them to be unhelpful.  This dissatisfaction can be due to a number of reasons including improper fit, inaccurate programming and inappropriate level of technology or features. Something as simple as a manual volume control could make a significant improvement in a person's level of satisfaction with his/her hearing instruments.  Also, other factors such as severe Tinnitus and hyper-sensitivity to noise can adversely affect an individual's success. However, even with all these factors addressed, some people still experience dissatisfaction due to the type and degree of hearing loss.

With the recent improvements in hearing technology, we are able to fit a broader range of hearing losses more effectively than before.  Just five to 10 years ago, we worked with several patients who had challenging hearing losses and unfortunately, we had results that were less than ideal.  More recently, some of these same patients have tried again, using the latest technology, and were quite successful.  Needless to say, these patients were delighted that they tried again.  Of course we were also delighted, because we want everyone to enjoy the best possible level of hearing and understanding.

My concern is that although some have re-tried hearing aids, many people have not and never plan to again.  If you are someone who was not satisfied with hearing aids in the past, please consider trying again.  You might be surprised by what you can hear!