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IICchris-blog-picOver the years, hearing instruments have become much smaller, making them more acceptable and cosmetically appealing to patients.  More recently, however, a new style of hearing device has been introduced called the Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC).  This custom-made hearing aid hides deep within the ear canal, virtually disappearing from sight.  Not only is the IIC tiny and unnoticeable, it provides a comfortable fit and a natural hearing experience for the wearer.  With as many as 48 channels of sound processing, these 'invisible' devices can help people hear and understand speech more effectively, even in noisy environments.

The IIC allows patients to hear well without having to wear anything outside the ear.  It is easy to remove whenever necessary for cleaning and battery replacement, and its impressive technology allows it to change with one's listening situations.  The Invisible-in-the-Canal hearing instrument covers a wide range of hearing losses and is an excellent choice for highly active individuals.  Ask about the IIC today.