Hearing Care Plans

tax-professional-coupleYour hearing care plan is the complete package of services and technology required to help you achieve the optimal level of success.  Each plan includes the following:

  • Hearing instruments (most brands, sizes and styles available)
  • Initial hearing evaluation and consultation
  • Pre-programming of hearing instruments
  • Initial fitting, programming and delivery of hearing instruments
  • Follow-up appointment for hearing system verification testing and fine-tune programming
  • Additional follow-up appointments for further programming and verification (as necessary)
  • 6-month checkups ongoing
  • Additional visits as needed
  • 1 to 3-year manufacturer's warranty on hearing instruments (repair and loss/damage)
  • Cleaning kit
  • Supply of batteries (if applicable)

*SoundCare lifetime service (Please see SoundCare page to learn more.)


There are four hearing care plans available, each with the same level of services included.  They differ only in the level of hearing technology and pricing.

C1 Value
This technology level is good for Calm lifestyles.  C1 uses multi-channel digital signal processing and multiple program choices.

C2 Mid-Level
Appropriate for Calm to Social lifestyles, this level includes more effective sound processing and features.

C3 Advanced
C3 is an excellent choice for Social to Active lifestyles.  This level offers even more effective sound processing, features and automation.

C4 Premium
Our premium technology is great for the most Active lifestyles and includes the most sophisticated sound processing, features and automation.  This is the most automatic system to change with your listening environments.

Note:  Hearing instruments do not replace normal hearing.  Results may vary depending on type and degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and technology level selected.