Hearing Care Guide

doctor with womanHow's Your  Hearing?

Please take a moment to answer the following questions about your hearing.

1.  Do you hear speech but don't understand it?

2.  Does background noise keep you from having meaningful conversations?

3.  Are certain voices more difficult to understand than others?

4.  Do you often ask others to repeat themselves?

5.  Is it a struggle for you to hear/understand in group settings or meetings?

6.  Are you having trouble hearing/understanding on the phone?

7.  Do you have difficulty hearing/understanding the television?

8.  Have you ever avoided activities because of your hearing/understanding?

9.  Do you have a family history of hearing loss?

10.  Are you bothered by noises or ringing in your ears (Tinnitus)?

11.  Is hearing/understanding becoming increasingly more difficult?

12.  Has it been a year or longer since your last hearing screening?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, you should schedule a hearing screening.  Depending on the screening results, you may need a complete hearing evaluation to determine your overall hearing and understanding levels.


Lifestyle Considerations

If you have hearing loss that is adversely affecting your ability to communicate, the following survey can help you select the appropriate level of technology within your hearing care plan.  Please choose the number that most closely matches your listening situations.


Group A                                                                                       

Rarely (1)      Occasionally (2)      Frequently (3)

1.  I spend time alone at home or other quiet locations.                                     

2.  I enjoy one-on-one conversations.                                                               

3.  I play cards with my spouse or a few friends.                                                 

4.  I like to watch TV or talk on the phone.                                                       


Group B

1.  I go to church or similar gatherings.                                                           

2.  I participate in small group settings.                                                              

3.  I have to attend meetings.                                                                              

4.  I am involved in various social functions.                                                        


Group C

1.  I dine out at restaurants.                                                                                

2.  I go to movies or the theater.                                                                           

3.  I attend sporting events, concerts or parties.                                                      

4.  I am in a variety of demanding listening situations.                                             

Scoring Key:  In each group, add the four scores together.  The group with the highest score indicates the level of hearing technology that is most suitable for your  lifestyle.


Group A = Calm   

Group B = Social   

Group C = Active

Go to the Hearing Care Plans page to learn more about the best plan for you.