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Customize Your Hearing (Part 3)

chris-blog-picjoggersIn this series, I have covered different ways to customize your hearing, including custom-fit instruments and cosmetic and technology options that best match your lifestyle.  Finally, I want to talk about customizing your hearing with practical and convenience features.

If you need a more durable hearing aid to keep up with your active lifestyle, the Aquaris Micon hearing system from Siemens is waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant.  Exercise, work, swim, etc., without worrying about causing damage to your valuable hearing instruments.

Are you frustrated by the inconvenience of changing hearing aid batteries?  The Siemens eCharger allows up to 18 hours of daily use on a 5-hour charge each night.  Also, this charging unit doubles as a dehumidifier for your hearing aids to help keep them sounding and operating flawlessly.

If you experience Tinnitus, or ringing/noises in your ears, Siemens has a Tinnitus therapy feature available in several models and technology levels. This feature can help you focus less on the Tinnitus and more on better hearing and speech understanding.

So remember, there are now more ways than ever to customize your hearing and get the most from your hearing instruments!