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Customize Your Hearing (Part 2)

FEB_AD_2_2chris-blog-picIn the last update, I addressed various benefits of custom-fit hearing instruments; now, I would like to discuss how you can customize your hearing.  From cosmetic options to different technology features, there are several ways you can tailor your hearing instruments to fit your needs.

Several hearing aids allow you to customize your hearing with your favorite color. The Siemens Insio CICs are offered in 12 unique jewel tones, and most of the Siemens BTE instruments are available in several colors which are interchangeable, if you decide you would prefer something different.

Aside from cosmetic options, hearing instruments have several technology features you can choose to match your lifestyle needs.  There are instruments with fully-automatic features for demanding listening situations, such as the 7 Micon 48-channel hearing system from Siemens.  This Micon system is our most automatic technology and lets us customize your sound in more ways than ever before. Also, if you enjoy hands-free cell phone use or listening to music or televiision, you can customize your hearing with the Siemens miniTek Bluetooth wireless remote. MiniTek provides effortless, high quality wireless audio streaming directly to your Siemens Bluetooth compatible hearing aids.

More to come next month in Customize Your Hearing (Part 3)