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th07WJM3EHchris-blog-picToday I want to discuss a few specific developments for hearing instruments involving smart phone applications.  Several hearing aid manufacturers now offer apps for some of their devices, allowing the user to control their hearing aids from their smart phone or tablet.  Primarily, this eliminates the need for a separate remote control, and if you're going to have your phone with you anyway, why bother?  With these apps, the patient can typically control volume, program change, bass and treble adjustments, etc., right from the touchscreen of your phone. 

So now, let's take it a step further.  A couple of hearing aid makers have partnered with Apple, creating some devices that, in addition to being app-controlled, will also stream audio and phone calls directly from iPhone to hearing aid.  This can create a seamless listening experience for one's daily routine.  Whether you are watchng a video, listening to music, talking or on Facetime, you can now hear everything in pristine, stereo audio through your hearing aids!  In addition to this, you can also control more noise, change microphone focus and even create your own 'favorite' programs, for total customization!

If you need to be more connected to your world, ask us about the apps!