Share the Sound

3 girls closeupUPDATEDAround the world or across the street, there are people living with hearing loss, often severe to profound, who are unable to access care.  As specialized hearing care providers, Conn Hearing is devoted to helping these individuals achieve the quality of life they deserve.  Our Share the Sound initiative works to make this care possible and available to those who need it most.

Share the Sound consists of two major areas of support.  The first area is the coordination of hearing care between the patient and the participating organization.  We will help those in need with the necessary steps to acquire their hearing instruments and then provide the appropriate follow-up attention to ensure their highest level of success.

The second area consists of hearing instrument recycling programs.  These programs help to make possible the distribution of hearing instruments on a worldwide scale.  There are mission trips to multiple nations for the exclusive purpose of bringing sound to lives that have been silent for much too long.  Mothers and fathers who may have never heard the voices of their children can now celebrate the joy that this brings.  And children, many of whom were born with severe hearing loss, can now hear their sisters and brothers, their parents and all the wonderful sounds of nature that encompass them.

Conn Hearing recycles many hearing instruments each year and encourages others to as well.  If you have any hearing instruments that you no longer need, regardless of the condition, please consider this mission.  Working together, we can help to eliminate untreated hearing loss, improving lives through better hearing and understanding and more fulfilling communication. If you know someone who might benefit from Share the Sound, please contact us.  Thanks for your support!

Please see below for recycling instructions; or if you prefer, just bring your hearing instruments to us, and we will do the rest.

When recycling your hearing instruments, make sure to properly pack them in a small box with bubble wrap or foam protection and write 'FRAGILE' on the box.  Then mail to:

Attention:  Recycling
6425 Flying Cloud Dr
Eden Prairie MN 55344